How did we meet??

I’d like to say that we are there rare ones. We our an online dating success story. We met on Hinge “the dating app designed to be deleted” and they truly mean that. We deleted the app after talking for four whole days. Margaret just got out of a relationship and wasn’t looking for anything serious. Charlie was close to giving up on looking for love. Then one Monday morning in late June, Margaret received a message from Charlie. She said F*** it and just messaged him back. That was the start of it all. From that moment on, they didn’t stop talking. It felt like they knew each other their whole lives, they just clicked, they understood each other in a way that no one had ever even tried to understand them before. It was like they were made for each other, they were exactly what they were looking for. After four days of texting and two FaceTime calls, they were in love. The rest is history.

Get to know us

Hey everyone! Welcome to our blog, Traggically Maggical. Our names are Margaret and Charlie. We are in an interabled relationship. An interabled relationship is a relationship between someone who is disabled and a person who is not disabled. I, Margaret am the able bodied one in the relationship and Charlie is the disabled one. Charlie has Cerebral Palsy, otherwise known as CP, he uses crutches, a manual wheelchair as well as a motorized wheelchair. For the most part, he lives a relatively normal life. We look forward to sharing our lives with you and the places we go.